Leica Geovid 10×42 HD-R 2700 Binoculars

In the realm of optics, there are those that create a spark of intrigue, and others that ignite a fiery passion for the art of observation. The Leica Geovid 10×42 HD-R 2700 Binoculars undoubtedly belong to the latter group, a testament to the perfect marriage of form and function. As the sunlight dances on their sleek, ergonomic design, it’s impossible not to be drawn into the promise of an unparalleled viewing experience. But do they deliver on that promise? Allow us to embark on a journey through the eyes of these German-engineered optical marvels, exploring the intricacies of their construction, performance, and usability. Prepare to be immersed in a world of precision, clarity, and innovation, where every detail is meticulously crafted to enhance the adventures of even the most discerning enthusiasts.



Objective lens diameter42mm
Exit pupil diameter4.2mm
Twilight factor20.5
Field of view at 1,000 yds/1,000 m113.3 yds (339.9 ft) / 113.3 m
Close focus distanceapprox. 16.5 ft / 5.0 m
Diopter compensation± 4 diopters
Range10 yds to approx. 2,700 yds / 10 m to approx. 2,500 m
Equivalent horizontal range (EHR)10 yds to 1.200 yds / 10 m to 1,100 m
Measuring accuracy± 1 yd / m to 547 yds / 500 m
± 2 yds / m to 1,094 yds / 1,000 m
± 0,5 % beyond 1,094 yds / 1,000 m
DisplayLED display with 4 characters and
ambient-light-controlled brightness
Eyecup with twist-and-pull actionyes, detachable,
with 4 click-stops
Focusinginternal focusing with
center focusing barrel
Prism systemPerger Porro-System
CoatingHDC® multicoating,
AquaDura® lens coating
Waterproofup to 16.5 ft / 5 m
Bodymagnesium, nitrogen-filled
Dimensions (W x H x D)4.9 x 7.0 x 2.8 in / 125 x 178 x 70 mm
Weightapprox. 34.6 oz / 980 g incl. battery
Yard/Meter switchyes
Lasereye-safe, invisible light laser
compliant with EN and FDA Class 1
Measuring modescan mode, single measurement
Power supply1 x 3 V/ CR2 lithium button cell
Battery lifetimeapprox. 2,000 measurements at 68° F / 20°C


  • Exceptional image quality with sharp, bright, and true-color representation
  • Rugged construction and waterproof design for durability in harsh environments
  • Integrated rangefinder with a range of up to 2700 yards for accurate distance measurement
  • Comfortable ergonomics and easy-to-use controls for an enjoyable user experience
  • Superb low-light performance, enhancing the viewing experience in challenging lighting conditions
  • Long eye relief, accommodating users with glasses or without
  • Excellent field of view, allowing for an expansive and immersive visual experience


  • Premium pricing, potentially limiting accessibility for some users
  • Heavier weight compared to some competing models, which may cause fatigue during extended use
  • Limited rangefinder functionality in certain weather conditions or for certain targets (e.g., soft, non-reflective surfaces)
  • Lack of built-in image stabilization, which may affect those with unsteady hands or during prolonged use
  • No tripod adapter included, necessitating an additional purchase for those who require it

What makes it unique and stand out from other brands or competition?

The Leica Geovid 10×42 HD-R 2700 Binoculars distinguish themselves from the competition through a combination of attributes that cater to the specific demands of outdoor enthusiasts and professionals alike. What sets them apart can be encapsulated in the following aspects:

  1. Optical Excellence: Leica’s reputation for producing high-quality optics is evident in these binoculars. The use of premium glass and coatings results in exceptional image quality, providing sharp, bright, and true-color representations. The superb low-light performance further enhances the viewing experience, allowing users to enjoy their observations even in challenging lighting conditions.
  2. Rangefinder Integration: The seamless integration of a high-performance rangefinder with a range of up to 2700 yards is a standout feature in the Geovid series. The precise distance measurement capabilities aid in various outdoor applications, from hunting and wildlife observation to professional surveying and military operations.
  3. Ergonomics and Build Quality: Leica pays meticulous attention to the ergonomics and build quality of their products. The Geovid 10×42 HD-R 2700 Binoculars boast a comfortable, user-friendly design with intuitive controls, allowing for ease of use during extended periods. The rugged construction and waterproof design ensure durability even in the harshest environments.
  4. Prestige and Heritage: Leica, a brand synonymous with photographic excellence, carries a rich history and heritage. Owning a Leica product is not only about performance but also about being part of a legacy. The Geovid series represents the company’s commitment to innovation and precision engineering, making it a sought-after option for those who appreciate the brand’s distinguished reputation.

Overall, the Leica Geovid 10×42 HD-R 2700 Binoculars stand out due to their combination of optical performance, integrated rangefinder capabilities, ergonomic design, and the prestige associated with the Leica brand. These factors create a unique and compelling offering for those who demand the best in their optic equipment.

Key Features

The Leica Geovid 10×42 HD-R 2700 Binoculars encompass several notable key features that elevate them above the competition and provide users with a truly remarkable viewing experience:

  1. Perger-Porro Prism System: This innovative prism system combines the benefits of both roof and Porro prism designs, resulting in a compact form factor with exceptional image quality, depth perception, and a wide field of view.
  2. AquaDura Coating: The external lenses are treated with Leica’s proprietary AquaDura coating, which repels water, dirt, and fingerprints, ensuring clear, unobstructed views and simplifying maintenance.
  3. ABC (Advanced Ballistic Compensation): The integrated rangefinder is paired with Leica’s ABC technology, which takes into account various ballistic factors such as distance, angle, and atmospheric conditions, providing users with accurate holdover values for precise shooting.
  4. Automatic LED Display Brightness Adjustment: The Geovid 10×42 HD-R 2700 features an LED display that automatically adjusts its brightness according to the ambient lighting conditions. This ensures that the rangefinder’s readings are always clear and legible, without being overly bright or dim.
  5. Dual-Bridge Design: The distinctive dual-bridge design offers excellent balance and stability while holding the binoculars, making them comfortable to use for extended periods.
  6. Twist-up Eyecups: The adjustable twist-up eyecups enable users to customize the eye relief to their preference, accommodating both eyeglass wearers and non-eyeglass wearers with ease.
  7. Scan Mode: The Geovid 10×42 HD-R 2700 Binoculars offer a scan mode that provides continuous distance measurements while scanning across a landscape or following moving targets, making it useful for various applications.
  8. Fast Close-Focus System: The central focusing knob allows for quick and precise focus adjustments, enabling users to easily adapt to different viewing distances and rapidly changing situations.
  9. Long Battery Life: The Leica Geovid 10×42 HD-R 2700 Binoculars are equipped with an energy-efficient design, ensuring long battery life for the integrated rangefinder. A single CR2 battery provides enough power for approximately 2,000 measurements, allowing users to enjoy extended periods of use without the worry of frequent battery replacements. This feature is particularly advantageous for outdoor enthusiasts and professionals who spend long hours in the field, as it reduces the need to carry spare batteries and minimizes interruptions during critical moments.

Who is it best for?

  1. Hunters: The integrated rangefinder with Advanced Ballistic Compensation (ABC) technology is invaluable for hunters who require accurate distance measurements and ballistic data for precise shooting. The excellent low-light performance and rugged build also make these binoculars an ideal companion for hunting expeditions.
  2. Wildlife Enthusiasts: The exceptional image quality and wide field of view provide a superb viewing experience for those interested in observing birds, animals, or other natural wonders. The comfortable ergonomics and easy-to-use controls make them suitable for extended periods of use in the field.
  3. Outdoor Professionals: Surveyors, field researchers, and conservationists can benefit from the precise rangefinder capabilities and durable construction, which allow them to work efficiently in challenging environments.
  4. Military Personnel: The accurate distance measurements and rugged design make these binoculars suitable for various military applications, such as reconnaissance, surveillance, or target acquisition.
  5. Optics Collectors and Connoisseurs: Individuals who appreciate high-quality optics, precision engineering, and the prestige associated with the Leica brand will find the Geovid 10×42 HD-R 2700 Binoculars an appealing addition to their collection. The exceptional optical performance, innovative features, and renowned Leica heritage make these binoculars a prized possession for those who value excellence in their optical equipment.

What’s to like?

  1. Exceptional Image Quality: The combination of premium glass, Perger-Porro prism system, and high-quality coatings results in a viewing experience that is both sharp and bright, with true-to-life color representation. For example, a birdwatcher will be able to observe the vivid colors and intricate patterns on a bird’s plumage, even at a distance.
  2. Rugged and Waterproof Design: Built to withstand the challenges of the outdoors, the Geovid 10×42 HD-R 2700 Binoculars feature a durable magnesium housing and nitrogen-filled construction, making them waterproof and fog-proof. A hunter, for instance, can confidently use these binoculars in wet or humid conditions without worrying about moisture damage or internal fogging.
  3. Integrated Rangefinder: The precision-engineered rangefinder, with a range of up to 2700 yards, allows users to accurately measure distances and gather critical information for various applications. A long-range shooter can use this feature to determine the exact distance to a target and make necessary adjustments for an accurate shot.
  4. Advanced Ballistic Compensation (ABC): The ABC technology takes into account multiple ballistic factors to provide users with precise holdover values. A hunter in a mountainous region, for example, can use this feature to compensate for elevation changes and ensure an accurate shot on steep terrain.
  5. Comfortable Ergonomics: The Leica Geovid 10×42 HD-R 2700 Binoculars are designed with user comfort in mind. The dual-bridge design provides excellent balance and stability while holding the binoculars, making them comfortable to use for extended periods. The easy-to-reach focusing knob, adjustable twist-up eyecups, and long eye relief accommodate users with different preferences and eyeglass requirements. For example, a wildlife enthusiast spending hours observing animals in the field will appreciate the comfortable grip and ergonomics that allow them to focus on their subject without experiencing hand fatigue or discomfort. These thoughtful design elements contribute to a more enjoyable and efficient user experience, regardless of the activity or duration of use.

What’s not to like?

  1. Premium Pricing: The Geovid 10×42 HD-R 2700 Binoculars come with a premium price tag, which may make them less accessible to some users, particularly those on a limited budget or who may not require the advanced features that these binoculars offer.
  2. Heavier Weight: Compared to some competing models, these binoculars are on the heavier side. This may cause fatigue during extended use, especially for those who plan on carrying them for long periods or over great distances.
  3. Limited Rangefinder Functionality in Certain Conditions: While the integrated rangefinder is an impressive feature, it may not perform as well in certain weather conditions or on specific targets, such as soft or non-reflective surfaces. This could potentially affect the rangefinder’s accuracy and reliability in specific situations.
  4. Lack of Built-in Image Stabilization: The Geovid 10×42 HD-R 2700 Binoculars do not feature built-in image stabilization. For users with unsteady hands or those who plan on using the binoculars for prolonged periods, the lack of stabilization may lead to difficulty maintaining a steady image.
  5. No Tripod Adapter Included: Although the binoculars can be mounted on a tripod for more stable and comfortable viewing, they do not come with a tripod adapter in the package. Users who want to use their Leica Geovid 10×42 HD-R 2700 Binoculars on a tripod will need to purchase an adapter separately. This might be seen as an inconvenience and an additional expense for those who require tripod-mounted observation for extended periods or steady long-range viewing.

Leica Geovid HD-R 2700 Model Comparisons

ModelMagnificationObjective Lens DiameterRangefinder RangeField of view at 1,000 yds/1,000 mWeightDimensions (WxHxD)Price Range (USD)*
Leica Geovid 8×42 HD-R 27008x42mm10 yds to approx. 2,700 yds / 10 m to approx. 2,500 m128.7 yds (386.1 ft) / 128.7 mapprox. 34.4 oz / 975 g incl. battery4.9 x 7.0 x 2.8 in / 125 x 178 x 70 mm$2,400 – $2,700
Leica Geovid 10×42 HD-R 270010x42mm10 yds to approx. 2,700 yds / 10 m to approx. 2,500 m113.3 yds (339.9 ft) / 113.3 mapprox. 34.6 oz / 980 g incl. battery4.9 x 7.0 x 2.8 in / 125 x 178 x 70 mm$2,500 – $2,800
Leica Geovid 8×56 HD-R 27008x56mm10 yds to approx. 2,700 yds / 10 m to approx. 2,500 m116.6 yds (350.7 ft) /119.9 mapprox. 42.5 oz / 1,205 g incl. battery6 x 7.4 x 3.6 in / 153 x 187 x 90 mm$2,800 – $3,100

*Note that these prices are subject to change and may vary depending on the retailer and location.

Leica Geovid Comparisons

The Leica Geovid series comprises several lines of binoculars, each tailored to meet specific user needs and preferences. Here is a breakdown of the main differences between the Leica Geovid Pro, Geovid R, Geovid.COM, and Geovid HD-R series, along with the target audience for each line and reasons why someone might choose HD-R over the other series.

  1. Leica Geovid Pro:
  • The Geovid Pro series offers top-of-the-line binoculars with the highest level of performance and features. These models come with an advanced rangefinder, a built-in inclinometer, and the Leica Hunting App’s compatibility for ballistic data transfer. The Pro series also has a long-lasting battery life and superior optics, including the Perger-Porro prism system for better light transmission and image quality.
  • Best for: Professionals, serious hunters, and wildlife enthusiasts who require the most advanced features and highest optical performance.
  1. Leica Geovid R:
  • The Geovid R series offers a more budget-friendly option, still providing excellent optical quality and essential rangefinding capabilities. These binoculars, however, lack the advanced ballistic features and app compatibility found in the Pro series.
  • Best for: Users who want a reliable rangefinder binocular with great optics but do not require advanced ballistic features or app connectivity.
  1. Leica Geovid.COM:
  • The Geovid.COM series is designed for users who prioritize connectivity and data sharing. These binoculars come with an integrated rangefinder and feature Bluetooth connectivity, allowing users to connect with their smartphones and compatible devices for transferring ballistic data and customizing settings.
  • Best for: Tech-savvy users and those who want seamless connectivity for data sharing and customization.
  1. Leica Geovid HD-R:
  • The Geovid HD-R series combines high-quality optics with reliable rangefinding capabilities. These binoculars offer excellent image quality and a rugged design but do not have the advanced ballistic features, app connectivity, or the Perger-Porro prism system of the Pro series.
  • Best for: Users who value exceptional image quality and rangefinding performance without the need for advanced ballistic features or connectivity options.

Why would someone choose the HD-R series over the others?

  • The HD-R series offers a balance between optical performance and rangefinding capabilities at a more accessible price point compared to the Pro series. Users who appreciate high-quality optics and reliable rangefinding features without requiring advanced ballistic calculations, app connectivity, or the highest level of performance provided by the Pro series may find the Geovid HD-R series to be the best fit for their needs.

Other Alternatives

  1. Swarovski EL Range 10×42 Binoculars: Swarovski is renowned for its excellent optics and innovative features. The EL Range 10×42 binoculars come with an integrated rangefinder and Swarovski’s own SWAROBRIGHT, SWAROTOP, and SWARODUR lens coatings, which provide exceptional image quality, brightness, and contrast. They also feature ergonomic design and field flattener lenses for edge-to-edge sharpness.
  2. Zeiss Victory RF 10×42 Binoculars: Zeiss Victory RF binoculars offer an impressive combination of premium optics and advanced features, including an integrated rangefinder with a range of up to 2,500 meters. They also boast the LotuTec water-repellent lens coating and Zeiss’ T* multi-layer coating, which ensures high light transmission and excellent image quality. The ergonomic design and user-friendly interface make them a pleasure to use.
  3. Vortex Optics Fury HD 5000 10×42 Binoculars: Fury HD 5000 boasts high-density (HD) extra-low dispersion glass, which provides impressive resolution and color fidelity. The XR fully multi-coated lenses ensure optimal light transmission, resulting in a bright and clear viewing experience. The rugged, rubber-armored magnesium chassis is nitrogen-purged and O-ring sealed, making the binoculars waterproof and fog-proof. In terms of ergonomics, the Vortex Fury HD 5000 features an open-hinge design, making them comfortable to hold for extended periods. The adjustable eyecups and smooth central focus wheel allow for easy and precise adjustments during use.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Leica Geovid 10×42 HD-R 2700 Binoculars stand as a testament to Leica’s commitment to innovation, precision, and unparalleled optical performance. With exceptional image quality, integrated rangefinder capabilities, comfortable ergonomics, and a durable, waterproof design, these binoculars cater to the needs of a diverse range of users, from hunters and wildlife enthusiasts to professionals and optics connoisseurs.

While some users may find the premium pricing, heavier weight, or lack of a tripod adapter to be drawbacks, the overall benefits of these high-quality binoculars far outweigh the negatives for those who value excellence in their optical equipment.

Don’t let the opportunity to experience the world through the eyes of these German-engineered marvels pass you by. Elevate your outdoor adventures and embrace the precision and clarity that only the Leica Geovid 10×42 HD-R 2700 Binoculars can provide. Discover for yourself why these binoculars have earned a reputation for being among the best in their class.


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